Managing your money sucks,

spending it doesn't.

Meet Spiir. Your money's best friend.

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300.000 users are not mistaken.


Managing money on autopilot

Know that feeling when everything is just taken care of? That's Spiir.

"Spiir has made it very easy to get an overview of my finances. Everyone

should have Spiir!"


Let Spiir do the boring work

Spiir keeps track of your money so you don’t have to. Live a stress-free life while spending your money.

"Great app that has given me an overview of my finances and made it easier to prioritize my money."

"Spiir is absolutely brilliant. It's definitely the easiest way to keep 100% control of my spending"

Spiir is dead simple and a visual tour of your money. Awesome, don't you think?

It’s fun, simple and easy


About Spiir

Who we are

Spiir was founded in 2011. Our mission is to make old-fashioned financial management a thing of the past. We automate all the boring stuff so you can focus on living the life you want without constantly worrying about money.

How it works

Connect your accounts and all your transactions are automatically analyzed and categorized. Spiir crunches the numbers for you and lets you know the important stuff about your money when you need to know. 

Your data is safe

Spiir protects your data and personal information. We use bank-level encryption and security practices. Spiir uses the same methods as your mobile bank to access accounts and transaction history. You are in control of your data and we never share your information to third parties.


Join the movement now

300.000 users are not mistaken.

Spiir turns you into a money boss—without you even noticing it.

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Spiir A/S is a licensed Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and operates under the supervision of the Danish Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Company address and information: 2019 Spiir A/S | Mejlgade 48b, 2 th. | 8000 Aarhus C | CVR: 33509006